We are the only authorized representative

in Turkey of TURBOTECT

organization specialized in power plants.

TURBOTECT yapmış olduğu ARGE çalışmaları doğrultusunda ürettiği kimyasal ürünler ile dünya lideri olmuştur. Ayrıca yıkama sistemleri konusunda birçok büyük türbin üreticisine ARGE danışmanlık hizmeti vermektedir.


Our company, which has been operating in the chemical and energy sector since 1987, has been investing in the environmental technologies sector for the last six years. Our company has been successfully providing water and process improvement services to power plants for more than 30 years. It continues to supply gas turbine cleaning chemicals to natural gas cycle power plants. Akat Çevre is the authorized distributor of Cold Jet, the world leader in dry ice cleaning, in Turkey 
and the sole authorized representative of Turbotect Ltd., an organization specialized in power plants since 2014, in our country, serving for gas turbine cleaning chemicals and related other products and devices.


Akat Environmental Technologies has become the solution partner of multinational companies that operates in energy, chemical and environmental industry in Turkey with more than ten years of experience in plant operation and construction. Our global partners have the most advanced technology in their line of business and we share all of our combined engineering experience with the investor during the installation and operation phase of the treatment plants and at most cases we operate them efficiently under service agreements. At Akat Environmental Technologies we strongly believe that change and developments never stops and in light of this belief we closely follow the new developments and solutions on the market for the good of our customers.